5 - 29 July 2017 OPENING: 8 July, 5-8pm

"Really?" is a group show featuring the work of artists who meticulously tackle representation through their own unique language. Made on paper or canvas, each piece is a window into a realistic version of reality as they know it.

Alabama native Beth Edwards' oil paintings strive for a hyper-realistic depiction of a kitsch toy or landscape. The Huntsville Museum of Art recently purchased two of her paintings after hosting her solo show this past April.

Her shapes are true and immediately recognizable as a doll, tree or flower but have been elevated to a more praised OBJECT through Edwards' use of hyper-color and intense lighting.

Rocky Horton, a Nashville-based artist and professor at Lipscomb University, raises questions of sincerity and authenticity as he explores the relationship between art and contemporary culture in his oil paintings.

The near-blinding light emanating from each painting, grand format, and masterful technique reveals a work that puts image and object in conversation with each other.

Born, raised, and now residing and working in New Orleans, Bonnie Maygarden references digitally-created images and reacts to digitally-defined culture through illusory paintings that elevate contradiction between the immediacy of an electronically produced final product and the care and tradition of a hand-made work.

Walking the line between Photoshop filters and sculpture, Maygarden is influenced by both the photorealist and West Coast minimalist movements.

Luisiana "Luisi" Mera was born in the Republic of Panama and currently lives and works in Nashville. Today's abundance of images and accessibility to different modes of taking a picture no longer requires us to contemplate an image seriously or for any length of time.

Mera references photography to capture and instill nostalgia; her charcoal drawings slow us down in a time of immediacy, instant gratification, and information.

Mary Sims (1940-2004) was the first woman accepted into the printmaking department at the University of Iowa and studied further in Rome and Tulane University. Her stylized oil paintings, produced from meticulously built and photographed settings, are chock full of flowers, fabrics, knick-knacks and spunk.

With an affinity for eyes, forms and textures, Sims' paintings pushed the boundaries of the canvas and created another reality.

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