The Big Data Cycle

- 19th June 2017 -

🚴 On 30th July, our Business Development Manager, Terence, will be taking part in RideLondon, cycling a 100 mile course from the bustling streets of London to the scenic countryside of Surrey--a route made famous by 2012 Olympic cyclists.

What's IoT got to do with it?

Over the next few weeks, we'll be tracking Terence's training using IoT enabled devices. These devices will measure environmental points as well as rider performance, giving us valuable insights into the surrounding area and Terence's training progress.

Sensors that detect air quality will give us a birds eye view of the most polluted areas across the journey...

From densely packed urban sprawls

To picturesque rural roads

Cycling, the environment, & connected pigeons

As well as weekly training and air quality analytics, we'll be sharing all you need to know about IoT, the environment, and connected cycling. Join us as we explore the tech behind the project, meet a fleet of connected pollution pigeons, and examine how IoT can help solve complex environmental problems.

We'll also be putting a spotlight on the actionable analytics gathered by IoT, and give insights into how we're using tech developments to keep cyclists safe, help them train harder, and allow councils to look at cities in new ways. Finally, we'll be using IoT to livestream the event straight to you, all alongside analytics of the final ride in real time.

Terence will be riding for stem4, a small charity with a huge reach that aims to stem teenage mental illness and support mental health

🚲 You can sponsor his ride here or find out more about stem4 here Any donations, big or small, will be much appreciated!


"Being an avid cyclist, I'm very excited that I'm able to support stem4 in RideLondon100. Not only is this a chance to support and extraordinary charity, but a great chance to get hands on with some tech, look at how IoT can impact the environment, and explore the power of realtime analytics. "Your support is very much appreciated, and I hope you'll be able to take some time to come along with me by tuning in live on race day--all courtesy of the Internet of Things!" Terence Le Poer Trench, Business Development Manager, Pangea

6 weeks to go

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Next week:

How can IoT help the environment?

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