iPhone Art

Part 1: Abstracts

I've been thinking about starting a blog featuring my digital art. While I don't consider myself an expert, I've learned a lot over the years, and I'd enjoy sharing my process. Everything I create is made with an iPhone - currently, the iPhone 6S Plus. This book features a few of my abstracts, most of them recent. Creating abstracts is what first got me involved in digital art, and the wonderful communities on Instagram, over four years ago.

As you've probably noticed, I don't exactly have a style or look. While I hope that someday one will evolve, at this point I feel like it's important to follow my creative instincts wherever they go. And they do go all over the place! Each photo I work with speaks to me and dictates what it wants to become. My job is just to follow along, choosing the right image at each stage of the process. You can see that happen in the next three images.

Original photo

Getting there....

Final version

Thanks for checking out this book. Feel free to leave feedback - about the art or what you might want to read in a blog about mobile art. Follow me here or on Instagram at @artisun99.

Titles: Rose and The Doctor The Stolen Earth Contemplation: The Storm Within Listening to Trees -- -- Transformation: Rose Untitled Untitled We're on the Road to Nowhere: Jungle Edition Suburban Sunrise #abstract #abstractart #shotoniphone #mobiography #mobilephotography #mobileart #iphoneography #creative

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