Fusilli Fave Salsiccia & Pecorino

Known as ‘Fave’ in Italy, Broad Beans are enjoyed and celebrated in any different ways when they come into season. I’ve tried to be a bit creative with them in this pasta recipe and I promise that it will convert anybody who declares they disike broad beans. If you treat them with respect and don’t over-cook them, you’ll enjoy their delicate flavour. Die hard fava bean fans love to eat them raw paired with a good quality Pecorino Romano.

FUSILLI CON FAVE – WITH ITALIAN SAUSAGE, BROAD BEANS & PECORINO ROMANO 300g Fusilli 2 large Italian sausages 1 medium red onion, chopped finely 200g Broad Beans 150g grated Pecorino Romano pinch dried chilli pepper (optional)

Visit http://tonibrancatisano.com/index.php/2017/06/18/fusilli-con-fave-with-italian-sausage-broad-beans-pecorino-romano/ to see full recipe plus a VIDEO of me making it!


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