East Java

Hiking 6 Peak

This is my first hiking trip to East Java (Indonesia), and also my first vacation to Indonesia. From 4th - 13th May 2017, i was hiking :- 1. Semeru 3,676 m (12,060 ft) Trans Arjuno-Welirang 2. Gunung Arjuno 3,339 m (10,955 ft) 3. Kembar II 3,113 m (10,213 ft) 4. Kembar I 3,052 m (10,013 ft) 5. Welirang 3,156 m (10,354 ft) 6. Penanggungan 1,653m (5,423ft)

Mount Semeru

Start hiking from Ranu Pani

Mount Semeru peak up there with clouds.

Ranu Kumbolo Camp Site

Tanjakan Cinta

Enjoy waterfall and hot spring

Trans Arjuno - Welirang

Hiking to Pondhokan and Kijang Camp Site

From Kijang Camp Site hiking to Arjuno - Kembar II - Kembar I - Welirang Peak

Do hikes the steepest mountain Then u will find patience

Mount Penanggungan

Mount Penanggungan Peak


I am so greatful I have learned something That hiking is not about reach the peak But to know my strength and patience

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