The life of

Jango (a female bearded dragon) came to visit for a few weeks while her dad went on holiday.

"Check out my beard"

Enjoying the garden and fresh grass, yummy 😋👅

Smile for the camera

A week into babysitting Jango her dad asked us if we wanted to adopt her.. We said.....

Yes Yes Yes

Happy to be adopted by us with big smiles

"What you got in that container mum?"

"Who you looking at??"

Exploring mums room

Racing to get her mealworms

"Do you see my bat wings?"

"Climbing the walls of my Vivarium"

"Making friends with Oscar (he's not as scary as he looks!)"

"Playing "grassgetti" with Dakota (who is scared of me)"


We bought Jango a new Vivarium where she loves to explore and get up high

Nic teasing Jango with her mealworms

Jango has adapted very well to her new life with us

"All nice and clean after my bath, enjoying the heater and sitting on mums lap - what more could a lizard ask for?"

Jango's spikes are soft, unless she's angry then they are rock hard!

Jango enjoying the sun with Oscar

Saying hello to each other

"Dakota photo bombing our selfie"

It's a lizards life sun, sand & worms

The End @nicmittan #jango #lizard #beardeddragon #lizardlife #lazylizard #steller #stellerstories

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