Moluccas journey 3


Bair island is an empty tiny island, near Kei Kecil island, Moluccas, Eastern Indonesia.

It takes 1,5 hours by plane from Ambon, then 45 minutes by small boat from Kei Kecil island.

It's 4082 km away from our home in Java. What we will find here? Peace. Beauty of nature. Crystal water.

Follow us to Bair island..! First, let's go to "Lorong Mati Rasa" (The Numb Corridor) in the next page.

Beautiful corridor with crystal water. Being here made us forget everything about business & the crowd of big city.

Now, let's climb the rock cliff.

Yeaaah this is the view from the top. No one here except us and the birds.

It's time to go down to the crystal water again.

Hi little fishes...! We really love your home 😊.

Follow us to another spot of Bair island.

Bair is a heaven for swimming. Quite ok for snorkeling & it's a perfect place for canoeing. We will come back bring the canoe in November.

Many white wild orchids can be found on the rocks.

Now let's trekking for a while to go to the last spot.

Last but not least, let's enjoy a small lake in the middle of the island with a unique color of water.

Small & unique lake. Let us break here & take a rest before we will take you to another places in Moluccas 😊.

Bye.....! Btw do you want to visit Bair? You can contact Adhi +62811 4788805 (whatsapp) or Kakaban Trip.

Bye Bair island....

Thanks for following us 🙏 Photos & videos courtesy of Sunu family. IG @sunu_and_wulan Come to read our other story of Moluccas journey in Letman Beach & Hawa Cave. #travel #travelphotography #outdoors #action #stellerid #goexplore #moluccas #maluku #places #pulaubair #bair #pulaukei #keiislands #snorkeling #island #swimming #indonesia #wonderfulindonesia Maluku

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