Lucerne & Jungfrau Region


Chapel Bridge

Oldest wooden bridge in Europe ca. 1333

Paintings on bridge date to 16th century

Jungfrau Region

Lauterbrunnen & Grindewald

View from our Room


Ten glacier waterfalls inside the mountain made accessible by tunnel and lighting. Drains 5200 gallons per second from 3 glaciers.

Most impressive/powerful waterfall we've ever seen.

Gondola ride with bikes up 1000 ft to car free town of Murren

Bike all the way back to valley

Very sad to leave Switzerland but have a train to catch for Paris

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  • niightdreamer

    Amazing haven't been to Switzerland #❤

  • verdderfan

    Wow , amazing views !! They'll remember it always , & my great grandma is from Switzerland 😊

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