Frontier Project


A few months ago I put together a trip with 9 friends of mine. In a 3 week road trip we traveled over 5,000 miles across the MidWest United States, visiting some of the most beautiful and iconic destinations, living simply and loving every second of it. This trip pushed the boundaries and we are all different people because of it.

The lessons, memories, and experiences we brought home with us can’t be given a price. We were able to learn about the places we visited as well as the people and the culture. Although each of us had a unique experience with every destination, we were all able to spend time reflecting on ourselves and share with each other what made each destination so special to us. Constantly being in a new place can be stressful, however, there’s peace in having a clean slate every day, another chance to find a new perspective.

The Camas ($90)

The Foster ($180)

At its most basic core, travel opens your eyes to the world, allowing you to see past the cultural, economical, and social bubble of your geographical society. Without travel, you will inevitably reach a point in your life where you can grow no further or deeper as a person. It unlocks your full potential as an inhabitant of this Earth that we all share, connecting you to the many different landscapes, people, and cultures of the world.

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