The island of Aphrodite

Adamantas is the port you reach when taking the ferry from Piraeus or other islands of the Aegean Sea.

The second port is called Pollonia and is daily connected with Kimolos. You can also take a boat trip to the beautiful and unknown... Poliaigos island!

Agios Konstantinos and its surrounding area...


Caves of Papafragas

Sarakiniko beach

This is one of the main hot spots of the island! Tip Count on the wind and choose to go for swimming when its direction is opposite to where the beach is located. This means that when the wind is north, it is recommended to head it south, where there won't be any waves at the sea; The contrary also applies.

Sarakiniko or the pirates' beach


Other beaches of the north Achivadolimni Plathiena Alogomandra Pachena


This is an old fishing village; picturesque and quite place to enjoy an evening or have lunch by the sea. The Aphrodite of Milos sculpture was discovered somewhere nearby!

Plaka - Tripiti - Triovasalos

Wander around the beautiful narrow streets.

Take a walk to the castle to enjoy an unforgettable sunset.

Look for the church known for its viewpoint: An excellent balcony facing the endless blue of the Aegean Sea.

Plan to go south and don't miss Firiplaka It's the absolute paradise of calmness...


Tsigrado Caution! You will have to use a rope to get down to the beach.

Agia Kiriaki Crystal clear blue waters...

If you are into adventures... explore the west and east part of the island which are not so easy accessible. But... Please, watch out for snakes as it is very common to encounter one, especially during the hot days!

Taste ladenia, the traditional pie made with caper, onions and tomatoes!


Places to eat Armira (Pollonia) Rifaki (Pollonia) Rakomelo (Pollonia) Avli (Plaka) Navagio (Adamantas) Maistrali (Provatas) Thalasopetra (Agia Kiriaki) Belivanis Souvlaki (Triovasalos) Glaronisia (Tripiti)

Suggested boat trips Perseas (Kimolos-Poliegos) Zephyros (Kleftiko/half day) Thalassitra (whole day) Places to stay Apollonia

Explore the south coast of Milos; swim at Kleftiko, Gerontas or Spathi Visit Sikia cave (west side) and Thiorichia (east side)

Half day trip starting from Provatas beach (Zephyros boat) Whole day trip departing from Adamas (Thalassitra) or Pollonia (Leloudo)

Join Perseas boat and be amazed by the real blue!

Marvel at Poliaigos' unspoilt, natural beauty!

Sightseeing Mining museum Catacombs Other activities Miloterranean routes Diving Hot springs Rent a car Rent a moto/atv

Visit Kimolos

Experience a different and rather positive aura at the colorful Chora; it's a magic place that leaves you with a feeling to come back...

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