The Kangaroo Sanctuary

Northern Territory Australia

Hello lovely people of Steller! I just wanted to share this little bundle of joy from a recent trip to the Northern Territory, Australia, when I was able to visit The Kangaroo Sanctuary! Especially for rescued roos, this place is the perfect example of everything that is good and kind and compassionate within the human race. It is one of my favourite places to visit in the world! It makes my heart burst with love, joy, and gratitude!

Can't get much cuter than that!

Baby joeys in a washing basket!! Omg!

I couldn't love this place any more than I already do!

The daily sunset tour is the best!

Aren't they just gorgeous!

"No more photos please!"

Thank you so much to Brolga and Tahnee for the incredible work they do, and the sanctuary they have created for these beautiful rescued kangaroos, all on their own! They inspire me so much! Thank you to Tourism Northern Territory for having me visit one of my fave places in the world!

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  • jordanfoy

    This is amazing, I want to hold a little Kangaroo!

  • sallycranephoto

    Great photos. Thanks for sharing!

  • GaGePetSitting

    You can get close to roos at any wildlife park/zoo, but you cannot hold them, this is amazing 😉

  • gjb41gog60

    Absolutely Stunning Shots Jewels, especially the little ones in their make believe pouches, Brolga and his Kangaroo Sanctuary I have Seen on TV here in the UK, a few months back and am amazed at all the work he doe's with the Roos 🍀xx

  • jewelszee

    @jordanfoy thank you Jordan! Aren't they the cutest! 😘

  • jewelszee

    @sallycranephoto thank YOU! 😘

  • jewelszee

    @GaGePetSitting yes this place is very special! 😊

  • jewelszee

    @gjb41gog60 thank you Patrick, aren't they so sweet 😊💕

  • noahgroodle

    Beautiful photography!

  • jewelszee

    @noahgroodle thank you! :)

  • Tink75

    My children and I had a very personal experience with with a Red Roo at Th Maze, 1635 Neaves Rd, Bullsbrook Western Australia. ( I'm hoping to get some time in the next couple of days to produce an Australiana themed photobook with all the wonderful pics I got there today.


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