Meet Frank

The Missing Piece

Living in Boston, Matt was enjoying a very full life. However, he could sense that there was still something missing. Thus began the search for a companion to join his home.

The journey for Frank was unfortunately a long one.

After being rescued in rural Tennessee, where he was found living in the woods with a broken leg, Frank landed in the loving arms of Fifi's Laughing Dog Farm in North Carolina. From there he moved to Great Dog New England Group, who then posted him on Petfinder.

When Matt stumbled upon Frank's post, he was instantly drawn to Frank's goofy persona and proper name.

He was also overcome with emotion after learning of Frank's rough beginning that led to the amputation of his left hind leg. Surprisingly, you would never know by Frank's energy and spirit that he had experienced such a traumatic beginning.

As a source of great responsibility, and constant companionship, there has never been a bad day spent with Frank.

They've enjoyed many memorable moments eating hot dogs, hiking and visiting the dog beach.

Naturally particular, Frank is keen on his likes and dislikes, and will make it known with his infamous howl.

Frank also exhibits the well-known hound characteristic of stubbornness and dogged determination.

Frank's resilience, perseverance and will to survive is something Matt greatly admires.

As a genuine source of inspiration, Matt wishes he could be as tough as Frank.

Protective and particular, Frank constantly brings much joy to Matt's life. It's been two years since their fateful bond began, and they are still learning and growing with each other.

Matt is forever grateful to all the Saints who helped lead him to become Frank's rescuer.

However, the most beautiful part about their story is that it is really Frank that rescued Matt.

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