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The Library...

( scroll down to read ) Last month I was given a tour of one of the most incredible unsung heroes of London; The London Library. It’s situated in St James’ Square and I signed up to become a member immediately. Apart from anything else this is a library which looks exactly like how you would want a library to be…it’s so full of atmosphere and history that I know it’s going to take me a little time to calm down about how amazing the place is and actually start working there. I love the sort of eclectic feel it has; there are different sections which have been added over time and which all have a unique yet unifying character to them…

The Building...

( scroll down to read ) The first 7 floors of cast iron bookstacks were built between 1896 – 98 when the premises were being rebuilt and then a second 4 floors of bookstacks were built between 1920 – 22, this time with opaque glass floors, hoping to reduce the number of static electric shocks members would occasionally receive…( it didn’t work, so be careful! ) The bookstacks are the part of the library which I particulary love but there are 5 allocated reading rooms, including The Reading Room itself which is the only one entirely wifi and mobile free, complete with armchairs and silence!There are 134 desks to work at throughout the building; you can’t book a desk, so you have to be a bit flexible…it would seen that the London Library were operating a hot desk system way before anyone else!! …and there are great views from wherever you decide to work...

St James' Square...

The beautiful St James’ Square is right outside the library and is one of my favourite quiet places in London…to be honest the whole area of St James is my absolute go to place in London ( you can read more about #MyStJames by clicking on the hashtag )

The borrowing...

( scroll down to read ) The library also has a search engine called Catalyst which you can access from home and where you can reserve and renew books. If you live in the London area you can take up to 10 volumes at a time and if you live more than 20 miles away your initial allowance is 15 volumes with a one month borrowing time ( there are no fines by the way, just a secure trust that the books will be returned ). Books can also be posted to you throughout the UK and Europe if you can’t get up to London but need to research something specific. I was really excited to borrow my first books and actually bring them home…and the first four books I now have here are SO beautiful that they completely justify any membership fee!

The Joining...

I urge anyone with a love of old books, libraries , history, research, an inquisitive mind and also the need of a quiet place to work in central London to join The London Library…it is a great joy, literally on many levels.

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  • rg117

    This is absolutely one of the BEST stories I've ever read on Stellar. Maybe it's because I love books everywhere but I joined this arena to enjoy our world and in the middle of all the beauty of pictures from everywhere and new friends of all arenas, this is my winner!

  • babyruth130

    I am a total bookworm, I love librarys, and I totally agree with you rg117.

  • trr

    Perfectly beautiful photos writing and artistry nice work ⭐️😊🎟

  • 5ftinf

    @rg117 thank you so much! I really loved putting this story together as it's such an amazing place with incredible books 🙏📚✨

  • 5ftinf

    @babyruth130 library's are so special aren't glad you liked this story 🙏

  • 5ftinf

    @Chicago24 thank you so much!! 😃📚🙏

  • adiandbert

    Long live libraries!

  • Tinalouise

    My most favourite place in the world. You've captured the age of the books here, brilliantly.

  • jude_magee

    Heavenly. I'm going to join 💖

  • ariels87

    That's amazing, you can practically see your love for the books in every frame. Good luck ❤️📚

  • 5ftinf

    @adiandbert agreed!!! 😃📚

  • 5ftinf

    @Tinalouise it's such an amazing place isn't it!!

  • 5ftinf

    @jude_magee that's brilliant! It is such a great thing to be a member of!! 💞📚

  • 5ftinf

    @ariels87 they are such amazing pieces of life and this library is the best!! 📚✨

  • digital_bunny

    Amazing!!!! I didn’t even know what this app was. I open it and find this!!!! Fabulous!!! I wish I was in London.

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