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Hey lovelies of the Steller kind! Who's ever been swimming with the biggest fish in the sea? Me! Haha! @laurenepbath and I recently took a trip over to Western Australia, to tick off a long term bucket list dream... to go swimming with WHALESHARKS!! It was totally amazeballs!! We spent a few days exploring Perth a little, and then headed to Exmouth to stay at the extraordinary Sal Salis Eco Luxe Camp... which is situated right on the shores of Ningaloo Reef, the largest fringing Reef in Oz and a World Heritage Site. Absolutely breathtaking! We snorkelled, hiked, ate and drank (too much lol) and messed around with a pink flamingo. As usual here's a chaotic mess of images captured by me, and of course, some collaborations with the gorgeous Lauren. I hope you enjoy our little WA adventure! Big love JZ xO

Whalesharks, the biggest fish in the sea. Aren't the sublime!

Fremantle, in Perth, is home to so much amazing street art!

Swimming with turtles is always my fave!

My beautiful tent at Sal Salis

Ningaloo Aviation

Lauren and I were super lucky to take to the air twice to capture Exmouth and Ningaloo Coast from above, and it was nothing short of spectacular! The colours of both land and sea were so vibrant and beautiful, and we even saw whalesharks and manta rays too!

Indigenous Experience Australia

While in Perth we had the opportunity to do a really beautiful boat tour along the Swan River where we were told the stories of the indigenous history of the river and its surrounding. It was such a great day and an experience I'd highly recommend to every one visiting Perth.


Dusk at Sal Salis


The End xO

Big thank you to www.instagram.com/WesternAustralia and www.instagram.com/comotreasury www.instagram.com/salsalisningaloo www.instagram.com/liveningaloo www.instagram.com/ningalooaviation www.instagram.com/olympus_au And a HUGE thank you and big love to Lauren and Jayde Xx #epixtrip

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  • gjb41gog60

    Fantastically Stunning Photo's Jewels, I'd like to pick a favourite but I love them all πŸ€ xx

  • michaelwhite48

    Turtle pics are terrific!

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    @jewelszee stunning 😍😍

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    @Chicago24 πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

  • jewelszee

    @gjb41gog60 thank you so much Patrick you are very kind :)

  • jewelszee

    @michaelwhite48 thank you it is such an awesome experience to swim with the turtles! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’š

  • GTasOz

    I must remember not to say WOW out loud! Rough count was at least 72. These images are just amazing. Gave a double 'wow' at the one looking back down toward the canals from the plane. Awesome. Have no idea how you framed that shot up. Then there were the fish.

  • haissyaufi

    Milkyway pics are terrifle😍😍😍

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    Amazing photos... check me out.. follow back please...

  • kerrieturcic

    Love that you showed the behind the scenes pics!

  • richardbangs

    how close did you get to the kangaroo?

  • PhotoJBartlett

    I wanna swim with whale sharks and sea turtles.

  • rookemedia

    how beautiful is Oz!


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