Instagram has been a source of wonderful connections for me since moving back from Malaysia. I found @womenwhoexplore and was inspired by the real stories of women getting out and about. So when I saw a Soul Sisters Weekend away in Golden it was a no brainer. Two nights, 16 souls, divine moments, experiences and connection. This story can't begin to capture all the magic that happened, but I'll try.

The road leading up to the Golden cabin.

There are no images that were taken to capture the magic of our Friday evening around a fire pit with the sounds of the flowing river and the mountain vistas surrounding us. 16 women, that began as strangers, sharing their truth with such courage and vulnerability.

Saturday morning after a delicious breakfast cooked by Lindsay and Jenny we ventured to Emerald Lake.

I arrived earlier than everyone else to capture the magical beauty.

And then the soul sisters arrived with the floaties!

The view from an inflatable raft.

The dynamic and wonderful Sisters and founders of Women Who Explore.

Amber taking in the sights while freezing her feet off.

The stars of the day- Lena and Taleea

My amazing raft buddy who did all the paddling while I captured the magic.

Megan, Koa & Ashley 😍

Wine tasting back at our gorgeous airbnb lodge, followed by a delectable five course meal.

Floaties aren't just for water!

Ally, our amazing photographer kept us informed about a possible Aurora storm. After copious amounts of wine and an amazing dinner I honestly didn't think I'd be able to stay up. All I can say is, thank God that I did.

The calm before the Aurora Storm

"Ally, I think something is happening?!?" I said after seeing this in my viewfinder.

After this photo I retired to bed...

I can't share here what I heard that really got me out of bed! Let's just say, an amazing woman (Ally) thought it necessary to get 15 other women out of bed at 2am to witness absolute magic. There are truly no words that can capture the magic we witnessed together on the deck of this remote getaway.

Too many relationships these days are shallow, there's judgement, competition and jealousy. This weekend provided me an opportunity to be unapologetically me with nothing held back. I was received with open arms, acceptance, kindness, fun, love and friendship with 15 strangers, who will always hold a special place in my heart and many who I have a feeling will be lifelong friends.

Huge thank you to Lindsay and Jenny, sisters and founders of Women Who Explore, for creating an affordable, laid back, adventurous and incredible weekend for women of all ages to connect, explore and have fun. Women Who Explore #womenwhoexplore

All images by Lee Horbachewski www.instagram.com/leehorbachewski #stellerverse #goexplore