I miss u so much

Love your mom


I lost my mother due to sick on May 25th 1995 When she passed away, I was 25 day old. I am now 22 years old. I've always thought that I was different from everybody else since I wasn't able to receive my mother's guide, influence, and love growing up in my life. She was a respectable woman among many as she was sweet, caring, and hardworking. I've been missing her more as each day passes by.

I miss you, Mom. I'm broken inside. Not a second goes by I don't want you by my side. You're in my thoughts, your voice is in my head. I wish I had one more second with you. I held your hand as you were leaving this world. All you did was help and be loving. Why would it make you end in such a cruel way? I hate this world. I just want my mom by my side. You were always my rock; you never let me down even though I couldn't be there. I knew you understood. If I could redo one thing, it would be spend more time with you. I want to change, but nothing I do will ever be the same, for you are gone and now a part of me has left. I feel completely broken. I feel my life has died. Mom, if I could do one thing again I would never have moved. I would never have left.

I feel her in my heart and see her in me. I know this isn't how she would want me to be...but I just miss my mom. I miss the feeling of having the love only a mom can give. She could always make everything okay. I can't wait to see her someday. I love u mom

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