Travel tips for Lanzarote

Are you wondering which Canary Island might be the right choice for you? Choose Lanzarote if you’re up for: Rough and picturesque volcanic landscapes, minimalism, architecture and culinary delights. Those are the best reasons to select Lanzarote over Gran Canaria and the other islands. 🌴

This is what Lanzarote is known for.



The volcanic coast in the west.

But there's some iconic beaches...

... like Playa Mujeres, del Pozo and Papagayo in the South!

Or the surfer beach at Caleta de Famara!



The architecture is stunning...

And the vineyards are one of a kind!

Artist and architect Manrique César left a lasting impression on the island.

He built some incredible houses and museums throughout the island!

Jameos del Agua

Montañas Del Fuego

Jardín de Cactus

Also visit his last hometown Haría!

We skipped the camel ride, as the animals didn't look to happy!

Instead we went on a sailing boat!

Our most cherished moment: Sunset at the Mirador del Rio!

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