By Bayu Anggoro

On 15th April 2017 was the best day of my life, i was leaving indonesia for 10 days. I was going with an airplane, it took 14 hours of flight to our destination.

I was not going alone I was going with students from labschool cibubur, teachers, and also vooya. It was a very long flight and finally we arrived. We arrived in LONDON

After our plane landed in Heathrow airport, we directly went to our hotel with a bus. Days Inn Hyde Park Was the hotel where we stay for the next 9 days. When we walked to the hotel from the bus I felt really cold because in indonesia we normally had 28-30 degrees. But in london it was around 13-16 degrees.

In the hotel we were divided into two, so that we can share the room. And my roomate was Audriel We felt so tired, because we just had a long flight. So we took a quick shower an went to sleep.

#publicspeaking The day started by having a TED public speaking lesson. TED is the abbreviation of Technology Entertaintment Design, and the lesson was teach by Mr James, He's a professional public TED speaker. He taught things that i never knew before in such as stage tricks and myths that was not true about public speaking.

After we finished our TED lesson, we all went to oxford street for few hours and went back to our hotel.


#photography Then the next activity was smartphone photography. Ms. J taught us about smartphone photography techniques and it was really amazing.

After we finished photography session, we visited Warner Bros Studios. It's a studio to make all Harry Potter scenes.

Warner Bros Studios

#punting On the 4th day we were having an activity called as punting in cambridge. Punting is driving a small boat using a long pole. To make the boat moves we must push the pole until it touches the bottom of the river.

After punting we were having lunch at Rogue's cafe. Then we moved again to do a university visit to Trinity, st. John's, and King's college university.

#csiforensics #RoyalHollowayuniversity On the 5th day we're having CSI forensics as our first activity of the day. In this activity, we are taught to be a forensics. They taught us how to find a fingerprint on a bottle or solving a crime scene. Then we moved to Royal Holloway University of London to do another university tour. There we were guide by the students of the Royal Holloway university.

#RoyalBritishafternoontea The British afternoon tea was held at a five star hotel in london. We're taught by a proffessional ettiquette learning her name is Emma Dupont.


#theguardian After the Royal British Afternoon Tea finished, we went to The Guardian. The Guardian was a newspaper company in london. There we learned a lot of things such as editing, quick judgement, leadership, and teamwork to be a good journalist.

#sherlockholmes It was really fun and challenging. The activity was done in regents park. In this activity we are asked to look for some clue, in the end we must answered the question correctly.



#tedtest At this day we must prepared ourself to have a public speaking test.

After we had done the public speaking test, we went to london eye and westfield.

Then it's time to have another 14 hours flight back to Indonesia

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