Death Valley National Park

December 2016

Obligatory signage.

I knew Ioved the desert after my first visit to Joshua Tree in 2012, but holy crap, you guys. This was game changing. I fricking love the desert. Death Valley and Joshua Tree are now tied for my two favorite National Parks.

Devil's Golf Course

Fun Fact: This photo is not Devil's Golf Course. We accidentally turned on West Road and since these salt peaks are so expansive, we figured we were in the right spot. The turn off for Devil's Golf Course was just down the road (the salt peaks are a bit taller - you'll see me standing on them after the next page of still not them).

Badwater Basin

The lowest place in America! These salt flats are 282 feet below sea level. The honeycomb-like flats span miles and the famous ridges are more prominent during the summer months, but they're still visible in Winter. It's an easy, flat, but long walk out.

Artist Palette

We visited Artist Drive at sunset our first night, and again the following day. The change in light was incredible.

Mesquite Flats Sand Dunes

We rushed from our AirBnB in Pahrump to make it here for sunrise, and man was it worth it for this light. Did I mention I love the desert? Because I do. Also, the smell of Creosote in the morning is the greatest. Why is that not something I can easily find in candle form or something?

True Facts: I probably could have spent hours photographing these dead trees.

Zabriskie Point

We ended our first night at Zabriskie Point and visited again the following afternoon. I took my first ever night sky photos here. I'll always have a special love for it for that reason, but it's super cool all on its own.

This was my favorite sign.

This is a photo of a rusted mattress frame and a Creosote bush, because I love Creosote and abandoned things.

Super sad that I forgot to add this coyote when I first published this story. Also sad that Ashlyn wouldn't let me get out of the car to say hi because it would eat me.

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