A Collection of Art Replica Tattoos

L- Chen Wei digital illustration R- Marco Mazzoni illustration Tattoo by Jhay Colis

I started collecting tattoos when I was 19 and focused mainly on floral designs. Eventually I started following some painters and illustrators on social media and I decided to turn my body into a gallery of my favorite artworks that I couldn't afford to possess in real life 😸

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Painting by Yoko D'holbachie Tattoo by Aun Srithanadech Placement: inner arm

Color pencil art by Camille Pfister Tattoo by Jhay Colis Placement: wrist

Illustration by Mandy Tsung Tattooed at TheEye Jakarta Placement: ribcage

Painting by Tran Nguyen Tattoo by Jhay Colis Placement: pelvis

Nike of Samothrace statue Tattoo by Jhay Colis Placement: ribcage

Original artist unknown Tattooed at Bloody Blue Tattoo Placement: upper arm

Original artist unknown Tattoo by Louis Tham Placement: inner forearm

Illustration by Ozabu Tattoo by Jhay Colis Placement: outer forearm

••• TATTOO DIRECTORY ••• • Jhay Colis • Jhay Colis Tattoo / 55Tinta Quezon City, Philippines • Aun Srithanadech • 4Eyes Tattoo / Celebrity Ink Phuket, Thailand • Louis Tham • Lovesick Tattoo, Singapore • Bloody Blue Tattoo • Prague, Czech Republic • TheEye Merch & Tattoo • Jakarta, Indonesia


Hand-painted replica of my tattoos on a doll

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