THE JOURNEY START when i was wake up at 2 am in the morning to prepare my self to go to the airport

the plane take off at 7 o'clock and the trip will take about 13 hours from jakarta to london.

and after 13 hours we seat in the plane we arrive at the heathrow airport. then we go to the hotel to take a rest

this is my first photo in London

When i was in London i still proud of Jakarta


in our first activity i learn many thinks especially about how to be a good speaker

Smartphone Photography

in this activity ms J tell me the technique how to get good picture with a good angle and lighting

and while i take a photo, i was amaze with some popular bridge like london bridge and milenium brige

in the next day we go to cambridge and the trip take about 2 hours from london.

like from jakarta to bandung


i think this activity is one of my favourite activity. this activity need a team work and we must drive our boat with a long pole

after the Punting activity then we go to some university in cambridge. st.john, kings and trinity but unfortunately we can visit the trinity university

because its not open for public

i think this is one of the best university in london

CSI Activity

in this activity i was learning about fingerprint, blood splash, foot print and we must solve a case. and i got many experience from here

Royal Holloway University

i was amaze with the view and also with the university

in this activity there is some tour guide that give us many usefull information

The next activity is Afternoon tea. in this activity we learnt about table manner in england. and i got many experience

one of the best newspaper office in the London

in this activity we do an editorial workshop and i think that is one of my favourite activity

Sherlock Holmes Activity in Regents park

in this activity we do a teamwork activity and we must break some case and the winner will get a prize

The Golden Gate

and the winner is my team. so that i get some chocolate and a keychain

The Premier League Champion 2016-2017

one of the most popular thinks in London

" This trip will give me many experience that i can use in the future "

" There is no second chance in this world, so grab it when you can have it "

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