And the Aging Artist


~CREATIVITY~ I practice it every day, both in my art and the other activities of my life. It requires an open mind and playful attitude, as well as belief in the human spirit.

My head holds a galaxy of ideas.

Louise Bourgeois was an experimental sculptor who made her greatest work after the age of 80. When she was 84, an interviewer asked whether she could have made one of her recent works earlier in her career. She replied: ÔÇťAbsolutely not. I was not sophisticated enough."

"It takes me years and years and years to produce what I do."

Louise Bourgeois

I am not sophisticated enough yet but I continue to nurture my discernment. In the meantime, at 65, I am just a kid with a dream. It is such a privilege to have the opportunity to partner with creativity.

I will not waste my precious time mourning lost youth. I would rather celebrate continued creativity.

Sometimes, I must remind my mind to escape the little boxes it was trained and often tricked into hiding within.

It is crucial to trust your ideas and instincts for expressing them.

Creativity has a certain aura I have come to recognize and open myself to.

At times

it is so strong that I feel as if I have entered another dimension.

Multiple studies indicate that highly creative individuals sidestep stress and maintain healthier brains as they age.

I protect it!

But, creativity is subject to erosion. I don't just encourage it,

Focus can be mistaken for selfishness. I must grant myself the right to create.

I avoid detractors. I need them like a hole in the head.

Negativity serves no-one. It does not foster CREATIVITY.

Truly constructive critiques are a gift. They indicate that someone is really looking, and wanting you to excel.

An artist has many opportunities to celebrate and express her multiple selves. I am constantly digging deeper into who I am, what I can do. My husband says he has been married to many women, and all of them are me.

It is a waste to dim the light of your creativity because people insist it declines with age.

I will not voluntarily diminish my capacity in any way, shape or form.

After any setback, I dry my tears, blow my nose, and get on with the business of creating something WONDERFUL!

I respectfully suggest you do the same.

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