A Digital Love

So, this in my artwork a few weeks ago. Hope you enjoy it. Don't forget to like guys. Follow me for daily sketches idea on #stellerstory

"Oh its rain, i don't wanna go outside."

#arcticmonkeys - Do I Wanna Know?

You're a universe that I never let go.

Evil's beauty.

Portrait of me.

Some work that was inspired by Pinterest. I just redraw. But the ideas are mine. You can look out my originality such as Scratches and pressure drawing. Oh yes, i animated some picture. If you interesting about to draw your faces, you can contact me on Instagram direct message: fajarbo Wise before commenting. Thankyou guys.

This #story about to post on hashtag: #animation #illustration #sketches #digitaart #stellerid #stellerverse #drawing #stellerstory #art #lineart

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