STRATFORD UPON AVON ( a reflection )

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the trip...

( scroll down to read ) This weekend I went back to Warwickshire, where I grew up, for a friend’s birthday and we decided to stay over in Stratford. I’d never visited Stratford as a tourist as it’s a town where I spent so much time in my early teens, so this trip was like looking at the place from a new angle... The Royal Shakespeare Theatre had also played a massive part in my childhood and it formed my enduring love for the theatre. When I was 13 I had played ‘Cobweb’ in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ with The RSC and it basically changed my was that point which made me committed to the theatre and move in a certain direction and end up training at RADA. I hadn’t visited the the theatre for years...I don’t even know why; maybe something to do with not wanting my memories altered or maybe just that when I’m down there I’m there to visit my mum...whatever the reason, it was a wonderful revisiting of the Art Deco part of the theatre designed by Elizabeth Scott, built in 1932, and thankfully it felt like it had maintained the essence of how I remembered it... So here are some visual meanderings from the weekend...

the programme from the play I was in...

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  • ckpie

    Such a beautiful place!! ❤️

  • meganjoye


  • Tinalouise

    Wisteria bloom 😍 Such a short petal life 😔 You've captured it wonderfully here

  • meghnamorlidhar

    Awesome clicks

  • sopranik

    Great journey! 🎉

  • copperline

    Love this so much! Page 13 - the two chairs in the church - and then the theatre shots are just 🙌🏻 So atmospheric!

  • Leontine

    I love your still life!

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