Eurasian Skies


In the last chapter, we were waiting...

Finally, we're in the skies! As we're heading to the UK, firstly we had to...

...transit at Singapore! (which was my first time here)

oh look, a butterfly garden! Frankly I was quite fascinated already being at Changi, I've never seen such thing, not even in Tokyo, let alone Jakarta

We decided walking through Changi may be a good time spender...

Alas, we went in the B2 gate to get back on the plane! We already had our banter here at Changi, and it's time for us to go. Here goes our trip up the Iranian skies!

current food at GA86

Away from surrounding As I lay miles away As high as clouds At place unbeknownst to me

4:20 PM local time above the European Lands

Oh look, Greenwich Clouds!

We arrived at Heathrow. Felt relieved at first, I packed my stuff, wrote my Border Force card, walked to the gate whilst ignoring the fact that I didn't put on my jacket

Yea man, we're in the UK! - some dude posing

better get that stuff first!

As soon as I got here, I got in touch with Heathrow Wi-Fi immediately. I contacted anyone that came to my mind. My family, my best friend, my friends I had at Bekasi, you name it I got it. At this time too, my phone suddenly died; can't take the journey vid :( But anyways, we went to our inn immediately!

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