Wide Open Space Festival

What I quickly realised about shooting this amazing event, was that despite the incredibly spectacular landscape into which Wide Open Space Festival nestled itself for the long weekend, disconnected from the rest of the world.. it was all about the people. I was mesmerised by the freedom, the joy, the love, and the kindness. Now don't get me wrong, the red centre location, the heart of Australia, in all its glory, sacred indigenous land kept safe in the depths of the mighty McDonnell Ranges of the Northern Territory - Australia's Outback... somehow seemed so perfectly appropriate for the wild untamed beauty that is WOS. 3 nights of music, art, culture, food, dancing, laughing, dressing up, and paying our respects to the custodians of this amazing land, and of course more and more dancing! It was hard not to get completely lost in the festival vibe, often forgetting why I was there to begin with. While we unfortunately didn't get much of that glorious light we all so love as photo makers, it didn't seem to matter, as I was enraptured by the candid nature of just continually roaming the red dirt tracks, stealing moments of all kinds. I am hoping that not only does this random selection of images convey the feelings that WOS conjures up, but also encourages you to think about making that trip out to the red centre to enjoy this unique, intimate, and divinely magical festival next year, to experience for yourself! My bestie Jaynie and I are already planning our road trip for the next one for sure! #wishyouWOShere #wideopenspacefestival2017 #NTaustralia

The Bilby High Tea Party

Reuben Stone


Hiatus Kaiyote

Momo Juju

The Space Pool Party to end all pool parties with DJ set by CUTLERY

On the last day the whole festival stops to climb the hill at sunset and sing songs

Thank you

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