Glamcamp. Basically me and my friends want to create an outdoor artworks. Photography/ videography. We did some experiments with lights and flags to create a cool atmosphere around our camp. Here are some the docs.

"You know this is for you"

An astronout once said, "the first person you had on your mind when you saw the bright night sky & stars, definitely more beautiful than the view itself".

A wolfman once said: "i love watching thousand stars on the top of the mountains. But around that moment, my mind always think about the moon".

Location: Mt. Prau-Central Java For full video head to instagram : @meizalrossi

"Maybe you won't like it, but I wish i take you there"

The Darkness once said: "People always saw me as an agent of chaos. They don't know that i'm just an introvert who wrapped some nights with 100% of pure darkness that made the stars to shine".

Location: Mt. Merbabu-Central Java For full video head to instagram : @meizalrossi

"Seriously you should see it with your own eyes"

The mountain once said: "Mostly at night, i hope there's a person that can capture a perfect picture that beautifully aligned me with the stars and show 'em that we are so good together".

Location: Mt. Sumbing-Central Java For full video head to instagram : @meizalrossi

Thank you for stepping by

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