Milano// Milan

Spring Break

Bar Luce at Fundazione Prada was visible perfection and olfactory rewarding with Cappuccino di soya and an apricot marmalade croissant. Designed by film director and aesthetic wizard Wes Anderson the color pallet is muted, warm and nostalgic. It's not even a reality-based nostalgia, it's for a time that was and a style that was but colors that weren't. If I had to name the color scheme I'd call it "Muted Candy"

The Galería Milano and the Duomo were impressionable, incalculably large and intricately decorated. Both were built as symbols of wealth and strength and power and they both still exude such, although the office buildings and museums around prevent them from standing out from a distance as a landmark, their significance is potent when you turn the corners and see beyond the giant arches of the Galería or spot the statues on the steeple of the duomo.

📷 by CaseyLaraePhoto Casey Larae is an American photographer based in Nothern Spain, Basque Country to be exact... all Photos from April 2017 #italy #italianstellers #interiors #spaces #design

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