By Not Karina Garcia


Hey guys! It's been a while but I made slime! Unfortunatley I'm not Karina Garcia but I'll give it my best shot. Here we go!

This is the best looped sound ever. Lol, first we put in PVA glue

My friend did green

Then we added food colouring


And I did yellow

And I must say it looked AMAZING

Then we added shaving GEL because it makes it softer


DO NOT OVERDO THE LAUNDRY DETERGENT. I did and I ruined my yellow so I made a new pink batch instead which also had some pink glitter glue as well


Here's the ASMR!!! Earphones on peoples!

So that's it for today and sorry again for not being around for a while but I hope you liked my slime!! Please don't forget to look at my other blogs- I promise it's worth it cos there are CUTE CATS!! Ha, I got your attention Mr. Scan reader.

Gotta smile, bye!!


  • megauxx

    Love it!

  • mjimmy


  • ARW123

    Thanks @mjimmy and @megauxx ! What would you like to see me do in the future?

  • megauxx

    Maybe some photographs of your hometown. I'm just curious 😊😊

  • ARW123

    @megauxx I have one of them up called art around you or something 😂 i can't remember. Check it out! Xx

  • sarouh

    Thank you I love slime !!!