DIY 'New Girl' Cap

A graduation cap inspired by the comedy television show

Step 1 Trace your cap on a piece of construction paper

Step 2 Cut out the shape

Step 3 Cut out a hole for the button

Step 4 Make sure the paper fits on the cap

Step 5 Pull up the title of the show for inspiration

Step 6 Write out "New Grad" in the show title font

Step 7 Paint designs in a slightly darker yellow to add depth to the background

Step 8 Cut out a picture of the glorious Nick Miller

Step 9 Glue down the picture

Step 9 Use a font site to pick out how you want to write the quote

Step 10 Write out the quote in pencil and trace over it with a paint marker

Step 11 Paint the title with glue

Step 12 Pour glitter over glue

Step 13 Pour off glitter

Step 14 Line the edges of the cap with hot glue to attach the design

Disclaimer: Make sure you are gluing your design on the right way. We had to remove and glue this down a second time. Oops.

Step 15 Apply rhinestone stickers to the edges of the cap

Step 16 Take a photo. You did it!