Once upon a time....


Once upon a time there was a cupboard, it was a lonely grubby cupboard, unloved & not much used. It was full of boxes & shelves & junk.

One day the door opened, the light was switched on and someone recognised the cupboard had potential ...

A few conversations later the contents were steadily removed...Dawn hauled filing cabinets....

Jen & her husband gave up her weekend to move the fitted units

A new team were interviewed ....Lizzie & I were thrilled by the wonderful people who came forward

An identity was forged,

An away evening held.

Lizzie bought paint, Mark came to lend a hand staying late into the night.

The cupboard could hardly recognise itself!

The cupboard had been transformed! It was ready for its new life as.....

'The Garden Room'

A bird came to enjoy the garden as a final touch

Here's Kat using the room for our first ever Birthing Options clinic !

Here are Perrine & Lizzie on day two 👍🏻

It just goes to show what one can achieve in a few short weeks with a bit of help from our friends, all pulling together to improve care for women & families!

What could you do?

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