f a s k a l l y

part two

Faskally Wood

This story begins where the previous story ended: by Loch Dunmore, as we were about to head up the path into Faskally Wood. The rain that met us at Loch Dunmore had swept past and been replaced by sparkling sunshine. It was still cold, but we were sheltered in the forest. We followed the main path below the pines, passing fallen trees and logs that were just waiting for a dachshund to pose on them for a logtrait or two. And we headed towards Loch Faskally.

Someone went for a paddle...

We followed the path along the banks of Loch Faskally, with the sunshine sparkling across the surface of the loch.

I need walks like this to feel calm. In the city all week, I crave walks like this.

until next time...

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Photographed in Faskally Wood, just outside Pitlochry in Highland Perthshire.

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