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A few weekends ago, when we had a long weekend, we made a day trip to Faskally Wood in Perthshire. We've been before - last summer, when we made this walk for the first time on a beautifully warm and sunny day (see the story here). On this visit it was bitterly cold, with fleeting rain and leaden skies giving way to sunshine - and all in the first hour's walk round Dunmore Loch, before heading into the forest. So this story is in two parts: the loch, and the forest beyond.

part one

Loch Dunmore

We started with a picnic, because by the time we'd driven to Perthshire we were in need of a warming brew - and a refreshing drink and some biscuits for the wee fella, of course.

There are anglers' platforms all the way round the loch, and when it's quiet and there's no one around to disturb, these offer great vantage points for photos.

The light was shifting all the time, changing from cold to warm and golden. I looked through the photos afterwards and it felt like two entirely different trips, just because of the light. But when the sun appeared, it was beautiful, with reflections spilling across the loch.

look out for part two...

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