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April was a great month. I traveled a lot around Europe and Italy, took too many pictures, spent so many perfect moments, seen and tried to capture a lot of beauty. And also, lived and heard a lot of stories (with so little time to tell them). I want to start from the last trip, when I had a rendezvous with some famous and incredible mountains.

We drove to Veneto, nord east of Italy

There we hiked with some local and lovely friends (@valentinac @radel and @ruggero_valmori - check his steller for his version of the story). They introduced us to these beauties, telling stories of their long lives and of the ones who loved them.

We started from the wellknown Tre Cime di Lavaredo..

We reached them from an unusual path. Seeing Drei Zinnen and Locatelli Hut from that perspective (only after a long hike) is something that I cannot describe with words or photos: you will understand what I mean only if you walk there.

(Up there, speechless) πŸ”‡

The second day we hiked higher, on Pomagagnon. Our destination and also our spot for lunch, was a perfect place to learn the names of the best peaks of Dolomiti.

the path was not easy, but at the end the view was something incredible..

On the third day weather had changed, and Dolomiti had changed too. We drove across one of the most amazing street I've ever seen, immersed in nature, trees and animals, framed by the mountains (on sunny days).

Falzarego Pass

Along our way we made a stop in a little gem: an abounded old village. It was built many years ago by an Italian company. Employees used to go there to spend their holidays. We explored around, immersed in silence, old memories and little scary sounds.

(volume on)⛺️

Then we met at Giau Pass, a wide espanse of beautiful nothing, where the main character (in cloudy days) is a lonely and panoramic road.

Despite the weather we decided to hike one more time, to discover what the clouds were hiding. Here's what we found:

peaks with incredible profiles..

tiny and a little bit sleepy friends (can you spot her?)

and a perfect place to say goodbye with a cup of tea in hands.

goodbye, Dolomiti.

goodbye, friends. // Thank you for reading. Other stories on Instagram.

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