Boat of Life

Perahu Kehidupan

Quotes by JW (Juniwulan Dewi) Photos by JW & Bima Anggara (Palangkaraya, Indonesia) All right reserved.

Life is a running boat.

Every quote here will be followed by a question to be contemplated as a self reflection. Let's enjoy it 🙏. Setiap quote yang saya tulis di sini diikuti satu pertanyaan sebagai bentuk refleksi diri. Selamat memaknai 🙏

The driver of our life is ourselves. It's supposed to be no SCAPEGOATS in our success-failure of life.

Let's contemplate: how good we are as a driver of life?

Sometimes life is about competition that needs SPEED to be the winner.

Let's evaluate: how dare we are to push the speed of our boat of life?

Life sometimes flows very heavy. To be safe & be the winner, we need to set clear & challenging TARGET in our life.

Let's contemplate: how challenging are the target that we already made?

We will always have problems in real life. We can't delete it, but we can minimize the impact by ANTICIPATE it.

Let's evaluate how often we took anticipative action compare to responsive action?

TIRED in life journey is normal for us as a human. But tired does not mean give up.

Imagine, how many valuable times we threw away because of we stuck by the word tired?

INDEPENDENT is a pride of life. Ourselves are the most trustable person to face the heavy waves of our own life.

Ask ourselves: how afraid we are to live independently?

To be independent is a must in life. But we are just human that also NEED OTHER to enjoy the beauty color of life.

Let's evaluate: how open we are to others to explore the wide world of this life?

We never know the end of the life. But definitely we will meet the ending someday. Thanks for reading.

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