f a l k l a n d

Last weekend we made a trip to Falkland in Fife. The town is known for its historic architecture - not least the incredible looking Falkland Palace (next two photos) dating from the 16th century.

I always admire the house in the next photo when we visit. Imagine this shot minus the white car!


Usually when we visit Falkland we simply have a wander round the town, but on this trip we really wanted to explore a woodland walk. A few friends had mentioned a walk from the town through the woods to an organic farm shop and vegetarian cafΓ© called Pillars of Hercules - we wanted to check this out. So we walked along West Port, heading towards the woods.

The Red Squirrel Walk

Pillars of Hercules

We arrived too late to sample the vegan fayre at the cafΓ© at Pillars of Hercules - that can be saved for our next walk here. This was such a peaceful spot, it's definitely a walk we want to explore further. And we need to return and explore Falkland Palace. That's for another story...

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