My Every Day Street Photo


Actually theres no stories in this album today, this is just one of my portfolio of my everday street photo. I lived in Jakarta, capital city of Indonesia and I love took photo even i'm using smart phone, and this is the result of using smartphone for street photo. love it taken by :Samsung galaxy s7 and LG G4

Waiting for friends

trap Inside

The 3 of us

waiting for your order

full of white

avoid hotness

cross the head

starring at you

spin for happines


Half me

beautifull day


The model

live today


bike and man

we must fight for life

Enjoy Time In The afternoon -canonG7x-


The wild in city

Most Loving Wall

Tunnel of happines

lovely pose

cross the road

The boss


pattern and human

The trapped shadow

Go against the world

To be continued... 😊

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  • Ace_the_gamer

    Ur pictures are so pretty I wish I had talent like u when I take a picture I have to take a couple until I find the one I like the most

  • poerpoeny14

    Thx a lot @Ace_the_gamer ,actually i do same like you, i take several photos and picked one that i liked,edit using snapseed/vsco(mostly) ..😊

  • sidimmo

    Mind blowing

  • poerpoeny14

    Thx a lot @sidimmo 😊

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