Printmaking Inspiration

One of the biggest barriers facing students who come to the Barley Barn for printmaking classes is their lack of confidence in creating designs. To help them, I am working on new courses to generate ideas and themes for printing. Here's what we did on the test run for the Spring theme ...

We collected inspirational objects, flowers, feathers, photos, books and magazines.

We sketched them and made ephemeral displays which then blew away in the breeze.

We explored colours and printed with simple shapes.

Over homemade cake and cups of tea, the group compared sketchbooks and how their designs had evolved.

The next day was all about using the components of our designs to capture our chosen theme, by dissembling, reassembling and repositioning.

Lino print inspired by onions. Experimenting with not inking between prints.

Lino print inspired by spring flowers. Experimenting with over printing.

Lino print inspired by spring flowers. Experimenting with repeat pattern.

If you'd like to kickstart your creative side, sign up for a printmaking workshop at Slamseys. Workshops are run throughout the year for people who'd like to explore and develop new techniques that they can continue to practise at home with minimal equipment. www.slamseys.co.uk/workshops/ www.instagram.com/Slamseys #printmaking #stellerstories