Bow to Yoho

Skiing across the Wapta Icefield

After living in the Canadian Rockies for six years, I finally made it to the Wapta Icefield. It was as spectacular as I had always imagined. We opted for the 4-day Little Yoho Traverse. Here's a quick look at our experience!

Day 1: We were busy! We skied to Bow Hut, unloaded our overnight gear and continued skiing. We summited Mt Olive and had two sweet ski descents!

Day 2: We woke up early and attempted to beat the weather from Bow Hut to the brand new Louise and Richard Guy Hut. Cloudy weather caught up to us, so we were thankful for our GPS.

Day 3: Poor weather limited our visibility, so we opted for the longer, less exposed route to the Stanley Mitchell Hut.

Day 4: The final day was simply a shuffle along the 23-km Takakkaw Falls Road. We left early and soon found ourselves driving home on the TransCanada Highway

It was definitely one of the most stunning winter adventures I've ever completed. Spending four days traversing in the glacier environment truly gives a fresh perspective on the sheer scale of the Rockies. I cannot wait to return to explore the area again!

Our trip was supported by @eddiebauer & their #liveyoueadventure project. Please take a moment to check them out on Steller and Instagram to see other unique adventures!

James, Kate and I celebrating on the Mt Olive Summit.

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