The trip

Finally Machu Picchu

A lot of people asked me how was my trip to Peru and Bolivia. For me, this was pretty much finding out who I really am. I was obsessed with Inca and Maya history when I was little and always heard my father's adventures in South America, boat trips, hikes, food and high altitude, drinking coca tea etc. Machu Picchu was much bigger than I expected. Absolutely beautiful, reminded me of Zen garden of Ginkakuji, silver temple in Kyoto. Wabi Sabi is all about imperfection and all about how changeable things are. For me, Machu Picchu was gorgeous yet exhibiting how transient human life is. Once they had the power, technology, money to build this massive city in the middle of mountains in high altitude, now they are gone- makes this place more enigmatic and beautiful. Makes me realise my life is also transient- good and bad days will be gone. It is all the same, yin and yan, black and white, night and day, sky and the ground, cat fish looking up and down - pachamama.

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