New Zealand

Day 5

Feb. 9 Today we went to Milford sound and of course because of mike we went by plane. After being picked up we headed to the airport to meet our pilot. We did a scenic flight to Milford sound.

When we arrived at Milford sound we got a on a cruise boat and did a lap around the area! It was gorgeous, the area was pushed apart by a glacier and because of it made a beautiful bay surrounded by mountains. There was also a sea colony, and Luann and I saw a fish flipping and we think it may have been a flounder.

Taller than Niagara Falls

After we got off the boat we took one more trip on a the airplane before landing back in Queenstown.

After having suggestions to do the gondola ride up. So we got dropped off at the base and rode up to the top to look over Queenstown. We got drinks and grabbed a quick bite to eat. Mike wanted to do the parasail jump off the mountain, but I didn't think it was worth the money when I knew I wanted to skydive. So luann and mike jumped. I sat on the mountain and enjoyed the beautiful sun. After they came back we had another drink before heading down.

Back at the apartment I finished a bottle of wine and had some left over pizza. Oh and boy was I feeling good. So we decided to go get some drinks in town. We started at a bar so bike could get some food, and then headed to an Irish pub for more drinks. We met an awesome couple. He was from Ireland and she was from the philapenes*. She gave me great advice about Bali and traveling in Asia. After mike went back and Luann and I were very drunk so we walked around the town. I got gelato and she got a ferberger (cause there was no wait). I chatted with a guy from New Zealand who bought me a water and wanted me to go to the bars with him.. Luann was top priority to say the least. So we headed back home. I fell asleep on the couch with all of my clothes on 🙄

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