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The Arrangement...

Whilst I was on my field trip in Wales for #thehistoryofmodernmedicalscience project I wanted to be able to create something with relevance & beauty reflecting Wales & how scientific research has woven itself intrinsically into everyday life... Dorian, the owner of Ty Unnos was SO helpful and appeared with blossom, lichen, heather & props!

( Mrs Jones the resident black cat was very much part of the action! )

...the compositions

I like to play loosely with ideas; to observe so that objects themselves inform me... Copper piping and x-rays were significant in historical medical research in Wales so I wanted to entwine them with some Welsh nature. ( you can see some of my other x-ray compositions in Part 2 of #thehistoryofmodernmedicalscience )

This was one of the compositions specifically for #thehistoryofmodernmedicalscience project

This was another composition for #thehistoryofmedicalscience project and you can read about its relevance here:

more at

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  • copperline

    Gorgeous photos! (As always!) And wonderful to see blossom... ☺️🌸

  • Deviaja


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