A closer look at the Memorial Park Easter Egg Hunt

Many families gathered at Memorial Park to participate in the Easter Egg Hunt. MVHS students could be seen throughout the event volunteering by hiding eggs as part of their respective clubs. Yet this event was more than a mere egg hunt. It encompassed various activities for young children to enjoy. Keep scrolling to see all the activities the event hosted.

Little girls dip their large bubble wands into a bubble solution.

Volunteers blow up balloons to make balloon animals for the children.

Children wait in line to play games. Every time they played a game, they won stamps on a card that would lead to prizes.

Children listen intently as a volunteer explains how to make a story book.

Children and parents wait behind the caution tape for the approval to collect the easter eggs scattered on the lawn of Memorial Park.

Sophomore Emerald Lam hands a child a ball for the booth game. She helped out as a part of Roots Christian club.

A little girl watches an MVHS CSF volunteer paint her hand at the face painting booth. CSF volunteers could be seen throughout the park helping out with different activities.

A magician throws confetti in the air to excite the audience. He hosted a series of magic shows for the children in between easter egg hunts.

One of the acts the magician performed was turning a wooden stick into a magic wand by putting it into a box.

Children cheer for the magician as he performs his tricks.

Photos by Michelle Wong

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