This week we fly to another kingdom, the kingdom of Spain. Remember, enter each door with curiosity, exit with inspiration for your own adventure.

Spain is the least densely populated country in Europe, with plenty of wild and wonderful open space! 🚪

There's no word for 'deadline' in Castilian Spanish. There are plenty for relax and take it easy! 🚪

The island of Ibiza in eastern Spain is one of Europe’s favorite party destinations. 🚪

The famous La Rambla is the most likely place to be pick-pocketed in the world! 🚪

The Sagrada Família started construction in 1882. That’s over 130 years of construction and even still, the expected completion date of the Sagrada Família is not until 2026. 🚪

The most popular type of music in Spain is Flamenco. 🚪

Real Madrid, the Spanish football club based out of Madrid, is the most valuable sports team in the world. 🚪

There are 8,000 plant species in Spain, with 2,000 of them being indigenous. 🚪

This country is host and home to the weirdest, and most fun fiestas and festivals, more than anywhere else in the world. And…apparently there’s always one on, somewhere! 🚪

We couldn't find the right images for these two but we had to share them! When a child loses a tooth in Spain, a small mouse called “Ratoncito Pérez” leaves a surprise under the pillow. + Spanish inventor Manuel Jalón Corominas invented the mop in 1956. (Legend!)

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