m a r c h

{late} March

March, and lighter days at last. Lighter days mean more walks. I feel as if I've been waiting on these days since October. So here are just a few photos and videos - shared a little later than intended - from my March.

there was mist at Yellowcraig

The Walled Garden, Cambo Estate

the woods at Cambo


... spring...

Ravensheugh Beach

Cammo Estate, Edinburgh

Dean Village

St Bernard's Well

a favourite building

a favourite bench

Mother's Day blooms from my boy

my Mum

back when she rode a motorbike

This story feels as if it should begin and end with the sea. I didn't realise until I looked back through my camera roll just how many videos I had taken of the sea - many more than I can share here. Whenever I'm at the beach, in the changing light, listening to the sound of the waves - that's where I always feel the need to record the moment. As if simply by capturing it, I can hang onto it. After a long winter, these simple moments feel magical.

North Berwick


  • copperline

    Hey @amjbarnesy thanks for the share! Hope you're good and busy?

  • saradeluigi

    Beautiful Fiona!

  • copperline

    Thank you @saradeluigi πŸ‘‹πŸ» and thank you for sharing! Hope you are good! So enjoying some spring vibes here ☺️🌿

  • Leontine

    Spring my favorite season! πŸŒΏπŸ’›πŸŒΏ

  • lesbiancoco

    It's wonderful. 🐟

  • copperline

    Mine too @leontine - it feels so full of hope, right? ☺️

  • copperline

    Thank you so much @lesbiancoco - I so need the sound of the sea in my life as a weekly fix! 🌊

  • Peiper2007

    Love the 🌊🌊sounds. Peaceful. Leaves and blooms are starting up.🌲🌳🌾🌿

  • luuuuus


  • greyctbird

    Such beautiful sounds and colors. Now, if you could share the smells of the beach, it would be perfect.

  • copperline

    This is the truth @greyctbird πŸ˜€ we need to experience the scents as well as the sound as it all contributes to the experience right? ☺️

  • greyctbird

    Right! My friends are coming to Scotland on Thursday! They have rented an apartment that looks on to the water in North Berwick! It would be so amazing if you could meet! I am taking care of their mini Daschund for the 7 weeks they are there.

  • annld60

    Love your MarchπŸ’•πŸ’•

  • copperline

    Thanks @annld60 ☺️I've still to do April - I can't believe we're into May! - but still two walks of photos to edit first. πŸ™ˆ

  • copperline

    Hi @greyctbird πŸ‘‹πŸ»sorry I'm just clocking your message! That would be great! Are your friends on here, or Instagram? They can DM on Instagram through Harris's account - @theworldaccordingtoharris - as I'm over there most often! Not sure when we'll next be down in North Berwick - but certainly in next few weeks. ☺️

  • greyctbird

    I don't think they're on either IG or here. I keep telling them they have to join here and see your pictures! I'll suggest to them again - I'll also see if they be interested in my giving you their email addresses, at least! They'd love meeting Harris - they're missing their little Cooper! They keep writing me about the other little dogs they've met over there!