It's #nationalpetday! When you have a pet they become your best friend, all they want is your love... and the food in the cupboards!

Meet the wise Mr Harris, @copperline's sophisticated brother in bandit.

Meet Louvie, @laurierbd's best bud and a serious nap expert.

Meet Harley, @marklucovsky's & @cindy's small guy who HASN'T done anything wrong, he promises...

Meet Cookie, @psny's fluff with legs who we've heard models in return for smoothies!

Meet Dozer, @mel48's friend. He's English and if you steal his toys he's coming at you!

Meet Minnie, she's @blacksprings friend who's as big as her hands!

Meet Carmen, @Ginger_Lady's fluffy friend with the smallest hands you'll ever see!

GERONIMOOOOO... is @marissarocke toy Aussie with a real big heart.

Meet @calicohedgehog, he's a spiky guy who loves adventure.

Didn't expect a chicken did you?! Meet Dolly Poulet, @glitterville's unusual but loving friend.

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  • copperline

    Oh thank you for including me! 😯🙈 I am indeed my 🙋🏻's best friend - really, she wouldn't know how to get through a day without me, and I don't just mean in terms of the snuggling - she needs me to keep reminding her of her Number One Priority in daily life. I don't need to explain who that is right....? 😬 Thanks Steller peeps! Harris, 🐶+ 🤜🏻

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