Newspaper Baskets

A short DIY guide

This is a great way to repurpose and upcycle your old newspapers. This simple technique barely has any weaving--mostly rolling and gluing. Best of all, they're not only decorative, but also functional.

What you'll need: A stack of old newspapers A long thin rod/straw/stick White glue Paintbrush Square and round wooden blocks Optional: Acrylic paint Varnish Clothespins

Cut up your newspapers to long rectangular pieces, then start rolling them up using the rod as shown in the picture. Glue the end to secure. Make as many rolls as you need.

Wrap the roll around the square or round block. Glue the end. Hold with clothespin if needed to secure.

Round vs square shaped rolls.

Start by making the base. Glue the sides of the square rolls to each other. Use a small piece of paper to hold them better together. Create the base as big or small as you like. Go creative with your patterns!

Here's one in progress.

When you're done with the base, layer with some white glue. This will hold it in place and make it stiffer.

Now to the sides of the basket. Make sure that your square or round rolls fit around the side of the base, then simply glue them up like before. Go as tall as you want. Let the glue dry. Paint with acrylics if you like, then finish off with varnish.

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