London's Top Five Gig Venues

Scala Located opposite King's Cross Station, Scala has played host to some of the world's most iconic bands. In 1972 most notably, 'The Stooges' played their only UK date in the renovated theatre. Scala is one of the most authentic venues in London, boasting a large, but intimate interior plan that makes for great acoustics.

The Lexington Home to American craft beers and Islington's biggest chandelier, The Lexington sits over two floors full of character. The music lives upstairs, where a small stage and floor makes for a cosy night - whatever the band performing. The Lexington is all about up and coming bands. So naturally, it's a cheap night out, with tickets sometimes as cheap as £5.

Electric Ballroom Electric Ballroom dates back to the 1930s, making it one of Camden's oldest music venues. It's career has been tarred with colour from bands like 'Red Hot Chilli Peppers', 'Blur', and 'Joy Division'. These are some of the most famous names in the world, so the Ballroom's reputation is nothing short of prestige. The venue is like a Tardis - unmistakably small from the outside, but larger than life inside. A huge floor sits just below a compact balcony, perfect for a gig of any sort.

Koko One of the largest theatres outside of the West End, Koko has outlived many alike buildings, surviving two world wars. Open since 1900, Koko has seen various acts perform on its stage, including 'The Clash', and it's notorious acid house rave events during the 90s. Along with a huge stage, Koko boasts a large open planned floor, with a series of levels and bars that lead out to multiple balconies. The venue's unique as it has a huge outdoor terrace, perfect for a pint on a sunny day with some top music in the background.

The Camden Assembly Recently renamed and refurbished from the chain of music venues, The Barfly. The Camden Assembly sits at the heart of Camden, and is one of the most genuine venues in North London. The smart little bar space downstairs is dimly lit, with an original metal copy board that makes for a stark, raw feel. Upstairs, the Assembly has a nice little stage and floor space, with illuminating spherical lights that make the place look pretty wavy. The Camden Assembly really has an original flair, most probably because of its history in being one of the main venues for Britpop bands in the 90s that made Camden the place to be.

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