Edge to edge

We've been patiently waiting for our first London winter to be over. We moved from Florida last year so it's been a pretty gloomy depressing 6 months. 35/40 and brown out so we decided to take a week off and run for Portugal. We flew into faro at midnight and drove to Lagoa so we would wake up in the cliffs ready to explore the sea caves early in the morning

We hopped on a boat to get a tour of the chain of sea caves near by, 20 or so. Somehow I convinced them to drop us off in a cave for a bit. They said they don't do that anymore but with a little massaging we were able to make it happen. This is one of the biggest caves, Benagil. Turns out it was one of the most popular caves in Europe.

Just two of us and one light source

We were lucky to get in during low tide these guys were taking us into some crazy spots.

Once our tour was over we hopped off and headed to a private beach we could see from the water. Our skin seriously hasn't seen sun in months. We don't even care much for the beach but we couldn't stop grinning. Not a cloud in the sky.

First thing in the morning we booked it North to Evora on the way to Lisbon, we looked like lobsters after the coast.

Evora seemed like a good spot for a lunch and a pee but it turned out to be way more than that! Really amazing stop off. We found a bone cathedral and peacocks everywhere. After a couple hours exploring the streets we figured it was best to use the little bit of daylight left to make our way into Lisbon

This guy biting his fingernails

First morning waking up in Lisbon.

So many interesting textures and shades of yellow in this city

Such an amazing area with so much history and culture. The whole city is falling part in the best way possible.

I enjoy big cities but I would choose the country side every time if I had a choice. This trip had the best contrast of any trip we've ever take. With the quiet coast line to the big city and now we head 3 hours North East to an itty bitty village perched at the top of a mountain. The second highest spot in Portugal, Monsanto It ended up being my favorite portion of the trip. It seriously felt like we rented an island for a day.

Our cottage, built into a rock.

At the top of the mountain above the rock city is an old castle. We threw our stuff in the cottage and started hiking up. Amazing light.

Monsanto is one of those places where it feels like it's never changed. You go through 3 or 4 desolate villages to get up here passing people riding donkeys and staring. We were literally the only people there so we stood out like crazy. The dogs don't even wake up for you when you pass by.

The village is built into side of a mountain. Most of the cottages used boulders as the main wall and they just add doors.

After our castle hike we were ready to find some boos and food while it was early incase we needed to drive somewhere to find something. There's only one pub, one person working and we were the only customers. I peaked out the window in the back and realized there was a patio area with amazing views. We went out back with a cold beer, cheese and sausage plate while waiting on huge plates of lasagna. I was seriously speachless, we had views in every direction. To our left we could see well into Spain. Seriously the most calming I've felt in a long time

After some time in the sticks we were ready for a big city again. We now make out way to Porto


Porto has such chill vibes to it. The smell of ocean and sound of seagulls day and night. Street performers with acoustic guitars and accordions. Delicious food and cheap drinks. This was my favorite vacation I never knew I needed. The weather was a smooth 75 and sunny the entire week. I'm still grinning from it. Can't say enough good things about Portugal. Thank you for the hospitality and sunshine!

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    Incredible. So vivid! I love the mustards. Thanks for sharing.

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    A very good story! I love Portugal!

  • FedericaG

    @wulan_dewi_sunu it was a bones chapel, said "capela dos ossos" in portuguese :)

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    So happy to see these wonderful photos of my country! Just beautiful!

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    I love your editing - the tones are so soft and yet it has a bit of a sentimental darkness to it... amazing! ❤️

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    I'm heading to the Algarve & Lisbon in 2 weeks and I loved this story!

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    @MandlaStyle thanks! It's amazing enjoy your trip

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    Stunning. I love the way you tell a story but also your photos are exquisite. The tones you pull out - as @ladyvenom says above - are just beautiful. Soft but with depth. 👌🏻

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    A friend of mine has recently came back from her home town in portugal and told me about the cultural blue and white designed tiles that covered their places and I couldn't imagine what they looked like, having seen your stellar I now know. This has to be the best Stellar I have seen today!! Wonderful really! 😍😍

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