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🐈 Kitten season is right around the corner! Kitten season always brings a mix of emotions, as kittens are cute and cuddly, but the sheer amount of unwanted and homeless kittens is staggering. Kitten season, begins in the early spring & goes through summer; this is the time of year when the majority of kittens are born. The phenomenon begins in spring, because the estrus (heat cycle) in cats is regulated by the weather. Cats are polyestrous, meaning they typically experience 3 heat cycles per year, & in warmer climates they can have four. The result is an incomprehensible amount of unwanted cats.


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Statistics are hard to pin down exact numbers, but the ASPCA estimates 1.4 million cats are euthanized in the US alone every year. That’s 41% of all cats entering shelters. Unwanted kittens, especially newborn-6 weeks of age, comprise a large percentage of that 1.4 million.

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Ways you can help: 1) Foster. If you are interested, contact your local shelter or rescue group for additional information. Most shelters & rescues are always in need of people willing to foster animals. 2) Spaying & neutering your personal pets. Altered pets cannot reproduce, & an altered pet will not attract unaltered animals to you home (preventing behaviors such as fighting/marking)! 3) Getting involved in a trap, neuter, release (TNR) program. TNR programs improve the lives of feral colony cats by relieving the pressures of pregnancy & mating; improving physical health & number of cats vaccinated against rabies; & diminishing unwanted mating behaviors such as spraying, yowling, & fighting.


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